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  • The All-Care Carpet Cleaning System

    We believe that a healthy home can be directly related to your carpet care maintenance. Not only does clean carpet look good, feel good and smell good, but it also contributes to a healthier indoor air quality for you and your family to breathe.

    Reappearing Traffic Lanes and Spots after Cleaning

    At All-Care Home Performance Specialists, we do not use harsh detergents, soaps or chemicals to clean with. Instead, we use an all natural combination of nature based surfactants, enzymes and polymers that are far superior to anything you’ve seen. Our cleaning system relies on powerful truck mount machines, trained technicians and soap free products. The result is carpets that stay clean longer and a healthier home for your children and pets.

    Wet Carpets After Cleaning

    Our high powered truck mount machines are composed of extreme suction power and precise fluid mechanics that are designed to blast the soil out of your carpet without over-wetting. Dry times are greatly reduced with our systems when compared to other carpet cleaning companies. 

    More on Carpets

    We guarantee that you will be highly impressed with our new state-of-the-art, revolutionary cleaning system. Our unique cleaning system produces superior results, making it an excellent choice for your home or business.

    For many years, carpet cleaners have relied on outdated methods of cleaning carpet. Traditional steam carpet-cleaning use heated water mixed with soaps, detergents and toxic chemicals that are injected into the carpet under pressure, which soak your carpets, pads and backing. Even though much of the soap, dirt and water are removed, a considerable portion of this mixture remains attached in your carpet. As the carpet dries, it becomes partially sticky due to the chemical residue. If this has happened to you, then you will notice rapid re-soiling of your carpets, and you may even see that they are more dirty than they were prior to the cleaning!

    The All-Care system includes a combination of all natural cleaning agents which are applied to your carpet fibers by a high-pressure, controlled spray system called the “Hydro-Force”. This pre-treatment loosens embedded dirt so that our powerful rotary extraction tools are able to remove 100% of the soil and contaminants from your carpet. Your carpet is clean without any residue and the dry time is dramatically reduced because we don’t flood your carpets with water, unlike all other carpet cleaners.